Oh August and your Gladiolus and Peridot 💚

Hi my lovelies,

How are you all? So I’m back from my holidays and already feeling sad about summer ending.. It’s August already! This year has went sooo fast, don’t ya think?

So true… 👏🏼 I particularly love that saying…I had never thought of it that way before. It’s a good one…

But anyway, it’s August- summer holidays are nearly over and it’s back to the daily grind for most of us butttt I for one am looking forward to the next few months! Not only because I love the dark evenings and all that comes with them- candles, cozy blankets, hot water bottles etc BUT also because I’m being whisked off to Paris for my birthday 👫🥂🛍🍻😁 I literally can’t wait!! If any of you want to hit me up with some recommendations on restaurants, bars, must see places please do get in touch! I’d love to check out some of your recommended places…🤗

But enough of that and onto other beautiful things – It’s August and that means we have a new featured birthstone and birthflower!

Gladiolus and Peridot are Augusts symbol stone and flower as featured on my insta https://www.instagram.com/everafterbynlt/ and they are just stunning- wait to you seeee!



Augusts birth-flower is the beautiful Gladiolus, this bright, showy flower captures the essence of sunny, late summer days perfectly…

The gladiolus represents remembrance, calm, integrity and infatuation.  It is a truly beautiful flower, names aptly to indicate that the heart is being ‘pierced with love’, how fitting is that for a wedding?

The impressive flower spikes of Gladioli come in a wide variety of colours, which again is totally ideal for use as wedding flowers.


Although a relatively inexpensive flower, gladioli are a actually quite a tall flower which means they can be used to create the most prettiest floral arrangements…

Of course, gladiolus go well as can be seen above, with other flowers in the arrangements- But my favourite has to be this…

Gladiolus mixed

How stunning!!

Gladiolus has became quite popular in weddings, especially as ceremony flowers, but also in bridal bouquets…

I’m sure you will agree that they are indeed a beautiful flower…💐


Peridot is the offical birthstone for the month of August.  It is actually also the stone for the zodiac sign of Libra.

Isn’t it stunning?? What girl wouldn’t want a Peridot engagement ring! It is thought to bring the wearer good luck, peace and good fortune.  Its crystal healing powers include health and protection.

The characteristics of Peridot are said to attract love, calm anger while also soothing nerves. It is also said to be Cleopatra’s favourite stone…and we can see why!! It’s beautiful…

Peridot jewellery is actually extremely popular- I wouldn’t be a lover of the colour green, but seeing that glimmering Peridot set on gold tones is just breathtaking. Not to leave the men out below we can see some Peridot cuff-links…

A perfect accessory for your August born husband to be!

Your guests will be green with envy with this stone around…and you can go as subtle or a grand as you like in keeping with the green theme a bit like this…



After all Peridot is a nuance of green…and we know greenery is totally in for next season so it’s a winner!!👏🏼

So there we have it- August the month of the Gladiolus and the precious Peridot!

Stunning- right?

Be sure to tell me what you think…😊

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June is full of pearls and roses…


Hi my lovelies,
We are getting closer to Summer as today is the start of June… and I am just counting down the days until my holidays in July ☀️🙋🏻🍉🍹🏖

But before that we have wonderful June… June brings us the start of the summer holidays, long sunny evenings, the smell of flowers, the fresh air, the sound of the ice cream van, heavens trail and not to mention many dreamy June weddings.

In May I became somewhat obsessed with birth flowers and stones on my instagram feed obviously because May brought with it the gorgeous emerald birthstone and the classic Lily of the Valley flowers… Perfect for those getting married in May or for those lucky enough to have been born in May.

But… I’ve been waiting patiently for June to arrive to write all about its birthstone and flower… because let’s face it- they are bridal classics!

First let me set the record straight…

1.  Birthstones are of course a gemstone which represent a persons month of birth


2. Birth-flowers are a flower which represent a persons month of birth

I feature these posts on my blog, instagram and Facebook pages NOT EXCLUSIVELY for those born in that month!

If you are getting married in June…

-and are born in June then it’s a plus for you…


-if you are born in a different month, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the June birth flower into your wedding- of course you can it’s still a flower that represents that month, as well as, symbolising other things (I’ll explain that further below)

TBH- it’s pretty difficult to avoid June’s birthstone and birth flower as they feature a lot in weddings and all things romantic…


The Rose 🌹

There’s a reason why this is a romantic event staple and certainly a very popular wedding flower. Available in a virtual rainbow of colors, the rose pairs well with any other flower and can help create luscious, full wedding centerpieces. It also is a bit sturdier than some blooms, so they do very well in boutonnieres, corsages, and highly-sculptured arrangements. Thought to symbolize love, roses make not just a beautiful statement, but also a meaningful one

All brides should not only think seasonal, cost, colour palette and venue when choosing their wedding blooms, but also sentiment.

What is great about June’s birth flowers is that with every colour comes a different meaning. The rose actually has more meanings than one can count!

A pink rose means perfect happiness, while a red rose means “I love you.”  A white rose signifies innocence and purity, while a yellow rose conveys joy and friendship.

A bouquet of roses means sincere gratitude, whereas a single rose amplifies the meaning of the color.  My favourite is a single red rose which of course means eternal love ❤️

But just look at this one… it’s beautifully unusual…

Masterminded by a subsidiary of a Japanese company in Australia- what was thought impossible became possible.  Of course we have seen blue roses in florists before, but they were stained whereas, these creations have been genetically modified and they make for a spectacular scene perfect for your ‘Something blue’…💙

A blue rose has long been synonymous with the unattainable, from signifying unrequited love in Chinese folklore to its Victorian era connotations of symbolising a quest for something impossible.

I love roses- they are delicate, beautiful and give off the most sensuous aroma.  These ones below are simply a work of art and remind us that nature is everything…

Nostalgie is a rose with a distinctive shape, fragrance and a rare colour combination of creamy-white with cherry-red.   A highly remarkable rose in a unique colour…I think they are visually stunning.


The pearl ✨

Prior to the 1900s and the advent of cultured pearl farming, the only way to get a pearl was to dive for oysters. Not every oyster has a pearl and not every pearl was round…so you can imagine how long it might take and how much it would cost for a perfectly matched or graduated strand of pearls.  Pearls were only available to the royalty or the rich.  They still bring that history of being special and reserved for only the most important occasions…so it’s safe to say that pearls are perfect for weddings.

Pearls have always been highly valued as gemstones, their allure and beauty was magnified by the difficulty in obtaining them in early times.    Unlike many other gemstones which are minerals, pearls are organic and come in many forms and colours.

Whenever we think of pearls, we think of a shining pearl inside an oyster.  However, not all pearls come from pearl oysters that are found in saltwater.  You can also find freshwater pearls that are formed inside certain mussels found in rivers, lakes and other freshwater bodies.

It is very difficult to tell the difference between saltwater and freshwater pearls as they all look the same, but saltwater pearls are much more expensive.  The simple reason being that most of our freshwater pearls are not naturally occurring but cultured.    In saying this, freshwater pearls are more popular because of the wide arrange of colours and shapes available.

Natural freshwater pearls occur in only 3 colours: pink, white and lavender…


Saltwater pearls are classified into three main types: Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls (black pearls) and South Sea pearls. Each of these pearls come in different colours, where the colour depends on the species of pearl oyster that produces the pearl.

Natural saltwater pearls occur in cream, silver, pink, white, dark gray, tan, yellow or golden…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Some pearls are dyed to give them the desired colours such as green, blue, red etc…


Timelessness- the best thing about pearls! No matter the design or form they are a classic and beautiful…


They truly are a natural beauty of the world…


Wedding Inspo

Not surprising really that Junes birthstone and birth flower are so widely used in weddings today…

Take the rose- it is a symbol of love and all things romantic, it is beauty and grace, it is style and charm and it is clean and classic.  It is a versatile flower which looks great in combination with other flowers, it is resilient which is why its used in button holes, decorations and corsages and its simply a beautiful flower…

Rose Bouquets


Rose Buttonholes/ Corsage


Rose Inspired Cakes


Rose Centerpieces

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rose- Decorative ideas


Single rose ideas

I absolutely adore a single rose… the ultimate ‘Enchanted Rose’ from Beauty and the Beast springs to mind for many, but there is just something simply beautiful about them.


Rose Petals

Another beautiful idea which is affordable, chic and oh so pretty is using rose petals…there is something so beautifully romantic about rose petal aisles!



Let’s not forget about pearls-timeless, elegance, classic, traditional and gorgeous… A bridal piece which is adored by designers alike.  It is no wonder pearls are used in creating bridal gowns, veils and even shoes and accessories…they are a natural beauty.

Pearl Gowns/ Veils


Pearl Shoes/Accessories


Pearl Decorated Cakes


Pearl Tiaras/Hairpieces


Pearl Rings


Pearls are my favourite and you can see why… they can be used on your wedding invitations, your table numbers, your decorations, you can wear them and they are syre to create that WOW look that we all love…


What a month to get married!!

June is a wonderful month just bursting with inspiration and ideas of all things pretty and romantic…

I simply adore roses and pearls 🙂 🙂


Lots of love,



Wine inspired weddings…

Hi my lovelies,



So today is thee day…

Its National Wine day!!!  And that calls for two things…

First things first- Its only right to drink wine on a day like this… so I have got my glass of wine right here 🍷


And you guessed it…

Wine themed weddings are the agenda for today.

Its only fitting after all…;)


For our love of wine…

If you are a lover of wine, enjoy wine tasting and all things wine related a wine themed wedding is totally for you.  Why not incorporate your favorite drink into your big day?

You can of course, go all out over the top with a themed location (think vineyard), themed decor, themed invitations, themed seating chart,  themed everything…


Or… you can opt for something more subtle which you can do with wedding favours-from wine flavoured chocolates to little corkscrew keep sakes…





There are so many options for wine themed weddings- from the favours to cork art to vineyard venues and I just love them all 💁🏻… so of course I waited to National Wine Day to share them all with you.
Wine weddings are the way forward!


Wedding Venue

The ideal location for a wine themed wedding is of course set at a beautiful vineyard. Vineyard weddings are becoming increasingly popular for modern brides and grooms who want to celebrate their special day of union, together with family and friends, whilst sampling the finer things in life. Wine and fine dining come hand in hand, nestled with an enchanting location, hint of sunshine and that truly is a day for everyone to remember.  Definitely my kinda wedding for sure…

Of course when I think vineyard, I think of beautiful landscapes with acres and acres of vineyards at every angle…Really there is nothing more romantic than an Italian vineyard wedding…

Image courtesy of Villa Baroncino

This stunning 5* villa near Tuscany, Italy is the dream wedding destination for wine lovers alike.  Villa Baroncino is an exclusive wedding venue in Italy close to Cortona providing private accommodations centrally located between Florence and Rome, in Umbria close to Tuscany.

“Envisage the delightful Villa Baroncino located in the Tuscan countryside and surrounded by the greenery of the Italian landscapes, the crystal clear pool and the magnificent garden. Image your guests chatting during the cocktail hour served around the pool area and enjoying the cold cocktail drinks and the delicious finger food…Picture yourself while you declare your love for each other amongst the vines and surrounded by your closest family and friends. Imagine yourself as a newly married couple walking side by side along the rows of grape vines, while photos are taken in the magnificent and lush villa garden…”

Sounds delightful… right?

If a destination wine wedding is something you would be interested in, check out Villa Baroncino- you will not be disappointed.  In fact, they offer multiple wine wedding packages which I’m sure you will love…They are great at selling the week long wedding package, and who wouldn’t want a week long wedding with lots of wine, I know I would!

Just follow this link


If from the  UK, you need not travel far to create the same vineyard wedding in essence.  There are plenty of stunning vineyard venues right on your doorstep…



If a vineyard wedding is not for you, but you like the concept of wine themed weddings you can opt for one of the finest wine hotels to hold your wedding.   There is one stand out hotel I can think of which is exactly that… A 5* wine hotel 🙂 🙂

They literally…

“Eat.  Sleep.  And Drink Wine” 

It is of course, The Vineyard…  The Vineyard is a 5 star hotel and spa, renowned for its impeccable service, 3 AA Rosette restaurant and award winning 30,000 bottle wine cellar.  The Vineyard hotel is located in Stockcross, just off the borders of Newbury, Berkshire.

They make you feel special every time you visit, no matter the occasion.  Weddings are particularly special here as they are catered for you, and your every need.


Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a wine novice or simply love a fine wine with your dinner, the Vineyard hotel is the perfect destination for you.

Wedding Decor

You can go as big or as small as you want with your wedding decor, no matter what the theme.  Wine weddings allow you to go big, without going tacky- how can champagne be tacky after all?

Wine bottles are a versatile object which you can dress up and design any way you like… also very affordable for the DIY people out there…



You can visit your local off license/ recycle unit and ask if you can have a few cases of the bottles- I’m sure they would happily part with them…

Add beads, lace and other materials to create a pretty neat look which guests will love…








You can hang them on string and place some pretty flowers inside to create a wow look…














Or you can simply place some dinner candles in them to create that beautifully romatic look…






Not only do wine bottles make fantastic decorations- You can also create bigger decorative displays by simply adding some wine barrels, flowers, crates and other lovely things (candles, sparkly things etc) into one big feature on your wedding day…





Asides from the bottles, cork screws can also create stunning visual displays…


How original is this?  I totally love cork screws, I even collect them… Yes I am a crazy cork screw collector…

But they really do make eye catching displays- again very DIY! 🙂


Cork screw art is a thing… and I truly adore it! Super quirky and cool… Say goodbye to the light up letters and hello to the cork screws for your wine inspired wedding…



You can even use them as your table numbers…



“Here’s to the corkscrew, a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship and the gate of pleasant folly.” WEB Frenchz


Can we just appreciate this seating chart?  WOW WOW WOW!!!! 👌  Such a visually stunning seating chart which is so unique, creative and beautiful!


And these lovely little name cards for the reception tables with the corkscrew detailing…Adorable!
But just look at these wedding invitations, intricately crafted for the wow affect!  I just love the calligraphy and the wine circles…   Intricate simplicity at its finest 💕

Wedding Favours

The most obvious wine inspired wedding favour is of course wine itself, like the little mini bottles you can pick up.  Yes, some of them can be pricey especially if you opt for the finer things in life like little minis of prosecco or champagne, but you can opt for a variety of mini’s online with personalised wedding labels which is a cute idea…


Or to save funds- you can go for a little empty bottle and personalise it with personal touches, such as a pic of the newlyweds in it with some sugared almonds and other nice things… The sentimental touch if you like.

What goes hand in hand with wine? Food of course…

Totally in love with the wine inspired edible favours… From champagne and strawberry infused lollies to rose flavoured chocolate, to the little cute bags of grapes, to the prosecco gummies… I love them all!


Wedding Cake

Its only fitting if you are opting for a wine inspired wedding to go for a champagne flavoured cream with your sponge cake or something similar.   BUTTT… with wine you gotta have cheese.  Yes, I totally mean a huge cheese wheel cake…                                              92b04a25a12040dde8dfcc4cfa6e24d9



Like how fab is this????

I would so rather have a cheese cake than a normal wedding cake…  Look at the detail- I love the little mice 🧀

Of course, a cheese cake isn’t for everyone and I appreciate that…but for those who want a more subtle approach at the evening buffet or the drinks receptions you could provide a cheeseboard for your guests to enjoy instead of the usual tea/coffee shortcake…


And of course, the cheesy classic quote makes it! 😉

Wedding Guestbook

Wine inspired guestbooks are a subtle way of adding your theme into your mementos…again there are many options.   The most popular one is signing a magnum bottle for the newlyweds which they will open on a certain wedding anniversary but there are others which are much more unique.    I particularly love the cork screw options, so very creative especially the message in a bottle option…

Super sweet…best of all is they make great decorations in your home 🙂

Wine inspired

There are countless ways in which you can incorporate your wine theme into your wedding day… and I have collected some others just for you…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Oh and remember…




Hope you have a fab National Wine Day today, tomorrow…and the next and next and next…. Cos isn’t every day national wine day 😉


Much love,

NLT xx

For the modern bride… Carolina Herrera’s Bridal collection Spring 2018

Hi brides to be,

You lot that are getting hitched next year are in luck with an array of stunning silhouettes and designs to WOWW showcased at Bridal Fashion week.  So fear not if you’ve missed the big event and all the deets, because I am going to run through the main upcoming trends and showcase the Spring 2018 Carolina Herrera collection which is fab-u-lous 😍

So what to expect from Spring 2018… don’t wave goodbye to the present on trend shoulder silhouette as it isn’t going anywhere for next season.  In fact, expect to see more of the off the shoulder necklines…

Alyne by Rivini

And expect to see a deep, deep plunging V neck…

Mira Zwillinger

Also, who remembers the bridal blackout a few years ago when Vera Wang introduced some all black wedding dresses into her collection?  Well, this year the black is back in a subtle way…

Reem Acra

You can say hello to the OTT sleeves this season, these statement sleeves really stand out…they are bigger, pouffier and more dramatic than ever before…

Galia Lahav


And, if you aren’t daring enough for the deep, plunging neck line…you can opt for the side cut-outs as they are in next season in a big way.  Whether layered in lace or sheer, these panels really stand out as a big trend…

Sabrina Dahan

Next year is the year for the modern bride, so you can expect to see an increase in bridal seperates and jumpsuits which I absolutely love love loveee… Just look at this jumpsuit- WOWW





By Carolina Herrera- Totally modern, totally minimalist and totally gorgeous…💎







Bridal separates are going to be as big as they were in 2015 and we are firmly in favour due to their versatility, re-usability and affordability…

Elihav Sasson

So there you have it…the 2018 Spring bridal trends! A-MAZING ❤️


Spring 2018 Bridal collection of Carolina Herrera




I’m sure you have all heard of Carolina Herrera, whether it be the fashion House of Herrera, CH Carolina Herrera the fragrance, Men 212 aftershave or even the creator of Bella Swan’s wedding dress from Twilight.  The lady herself is a complete genius and attributes her success to having ‘an eye for beautiful things’- with stores around the world, a reputation for designing beautiful ladies and mens clothing, as well as, bridal collections, fragrances and accessories.  Carolina Herrera’s bridal collections are always on point…



Definitely one of my personal favorites due to her vision…


Carolina Herrera

In the 1980’s, she introduced her fashion collection and in 1987, her first bridal collection and from then on has grown into a huge, big named fashion house selling menswear, ladieswear, bridal wear, eyewear and fragrances.  Not to mention the multiple awards and accolades she has been awarded along the way…




The Spring 2018 collection of Carolina Herrera showcases the upcoming trends and is for the modern bride .  Her latest collection reflects her vision of the bride of today…

Photo courtesy of Vogue

So what is Carolina Herrera’s vision of today’s bride- Her collection is ultimately designed for any bride who wants to be comfortable and feel at ease on their wedding day. Consequently, the collection includes beautiful traditional gowns, chic bridal separates, as well as, the seasons must have bridal jumpsuit. The variety in the collection is obvious to see, there really is something for everyone, from tulle gowns to black accents to various necklines… As with all her collections, the designs have to be romantic…

“For me…The most important day in the life of a woman is her wedding, and it has to be romantic, it has to be feminine, it has to be ethereal, it has to be dreamy—it doesn’t have to be sexy.”

Carolina Herrera

All are un-apologetically romantic and this shines through with the floral detailing and appliques, pussy bows and beautiful lines…




The collection is overall very contemporary and is described as urban chic with romantic hints visible- this is best showcased in the modern jumpsuits and separates with pride of place, feminine, stand out pussy bow detailing…


Herrera who often sticks to traditional bridal pieces, has included subtle black accents into some of the collection…


The black belt breaks traditional wedding rules, it creates a subtle hint of unconventional whilst the butterfly sleeves keep the romantic edge and I think it is truly superb…


Beautiful, edgy, feminine…


Brides wearing this collection from Carolina Herrera will surely stand out!





I would love to know your thoughts on next seasons trends and your opinion of the collection by Carolina Herrera- please feel free to like and comment below 🙂

Also I would love to connect with you all…:) 🙂 🙂

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Lots of love

NLT xx


The amazing Tal Kahlon…

I have recently come across many bridal designers…there are so many talented designers out there, but I have only heard of the big names, such as ‘Vera Wang’, ‘Jenny Packham’, ‘Marchesa’,’Maggie Sottero’, ‘Ian Stuart’, ‘Justin Alexander’, ‘Pronovias’ and ‘Oscar de la Renta.  Of course their designs are beautiful and well liked by many people, but I have recently discovered a couple of stand out promising designers who really deserve a lot of credit…

designers_1_compactThe genius Israeli designer Tal Kahlon is one of those.  Having worked in New York and gained experience in bridal houses in the city, Kahlon returned home to Israel and was immediately recognized as one of the most innovative and influential Israeli bridal designers…and we can certainly see why.  Kahlon combines daring, dramatic cuts with sleek silhouettes, using opulent fabrics to create his own sophisticated style.  Have a look at some of his work- you will agree that it’s simply stunning 🙂




DSC5923 2014

DSC6562 2014

DSC6765 2014
DSC7690 2014
DSC8775 2014
Tal a
Tal d
DSC8934 2014
Tal k
Tal q
Tal e


“The key is to find the balance between elegance, romance and sexiness”  Tal Kahlon

You can browse all of his collections at his website http://www.talkahlon.com 🙂   The backdrops are amazing with fantastic locations around the world used.


Be sure to tell me what you think 🙂


Love NLT xx



With a little help from our friends…

Ever After by NLT

Hi my lovelies,

So this is actually my first official post… 🙂 How exciting!! And I’m not gonna lie..a little daunting! I’m not an expert blogger or anywhere near! I’m just a normal girl, who had an idea and followed through…But I have to admit, I cannot wait to share my plans with you and get interacting with all of you.   But, before I start I thought it would be good for you to get to know me a little first.  Sooooo…


This huge photo (no idea how to make it smaller lol..I did try!) is of course..ME!

As you know from my main pages- I am an English teacher, I’ve been qualified since 2013 with a masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  I do love teaching, but work is very limited here in Northern Ireland and I am quite a home bird, so with most positions being temporary in the meantime whilst I’m not teaching, I will be wedding blogging.

What else can I tell you?… I am 29 years old, so yes the big 3-0 is around the corner! I live a normal life..I am close to my family, I enjoy reading, listening to music and socializing with my friends like anyone really.  I love wine..like I proper love a glass of white wine or prosecco or cava or champagne.. 🙂 There is nothing better than winding down in the evenings with a glass of something.  I like to attempt to cook, but I am no expert…but I do try! 🙂  I love handbags, handbags are my thing that I like to browse at…and then end up accidentally purchasing 😉   I love travelling and visiting new places and I enjoy spending nights at hotels just to relax.  I love love love the sea… I really want to buy a sail boat like a ‘Pico’ or ‘Topper’ and just simply sail the seas lol, that’s the dream! Oh and to protect our sea life…that’s super important to me!

Copyright @ Elinacious-Dreamstime.com

Most of all, I’m lucky enough to have good friends around me… I always follow the saying that a few good friends are better than a lot of fake friends 🙂

So as I want to be upfront and honest from the start- I want to share with you all that I am I am not engaged or anything like that, though I am in a relationship.  Personally, my thoughts are that this is a great place to start at with Ever After by NLT, as I am in a good position to begin right from the outset with not being engaged or married just like some of you. This way I will not only be able to share your journeys but likewise you will all be able to share my own journey step by step 🙂 Anyway, I think that’s enough about me for the meantime… and now onto the actual post!  Here goes….



When I’m struggling with things for example, inspiration on ideas or general hints and tips about dealing with things or with other problems no matter how big or small…I try not to do it alone because it just makes me incredibly anxious.  Instead I know that I can seek out advice from my family, friends and even on the internet- literally everything is so accessible these days.  There are times where we may not want to speak with a close friend or relative, or we are just sick of hearing their advice to be honest lol ;)…so instead we power up the laptop or computer and type in our queries into Google and what do we find?

That we are not alone!!!

There are similar people going through exactly the same thing…there are even comment boxes full of people from all around the world offering their experiences and suggestions as to how to overcome these things.  These ‘online friends’ are fab…whether they are bloggers, or people who have overcome similar experiences, or people who are just genuinely friendly, we can all make use of the information online.

Here at Ever After by NLT, that’s what I hope to achieve.. I hope to become your ‘online friend’ who will help you along your journey in love and life and getting married as I will be publishing posts all about weddings…each and every detail.

th (2)


What can I do for you?

There are a number of ideas for posts that I have been working on and as this is my first post I wanted to give you an insight into what is to come.  So I hope that the following bullet points will provide you with a clearer idea of the exciting times ahead 🙂

Ever After by NLT-upcoming posts 🙂

  • Finding ‘the one’…
  • Dating hints and tips…
  • Knowing he/she is a keeper 😉
  • Family consent to wed…
  • The all important Engagement ring…
  • Proposals (Including real life proposal stories)…
  • Planning your wedding- Every little detail
  • Wedding costs (Including budget weddings)…
  • Choosing your bridal party…
  • Dress shopping
  • Wedding guest outfit inspo for male and female…
  • Themed weddings-yay or nay
  • Picking the venue (Including my own personal venue reviews of food, service and wedding location)…
  • Wedding favors…
  • Bridal hair and make up (Including my own personal reviews)
  • Giving speeches…
  • Picking the photographer (Including my own personal opinion of their work)…
  • Choosing the entertainment (Including my own personal review)…
  • Wedding Day tips…
  • The perfect Honeymoon (Including reviews of destinations and hotels)…
  • Real Life Wedding stories
  • Life as Mr &Mrs 

I hope those few points give you an idea of what is to come… of course there are more ideas that I am working on but if there is something you specifically want help with or researched please get in touch via the contact page and I will get to work.  I’m excited to get started! 🙂 I just hope you share my excitement…

Please feel free to leave any comments positive or negative, refer friends to the site and start making some ‘online friends’ 🙂  I appreciate any feedback and look forward to interacting with you all soon!!

Love NLT xx


PS- Still working on connecting my social media sites as I do not want to link these up with my personal accounts but will be creating Ever After by NLT pages very soon.