July brings us Rubies and Delphiniums (Larkspur)…

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How are you all? Enjoying the Summer sun- I know I am! Countdown until hols is well and truly on… 5 more days ☀️🥂✈️🌎🍹 SUPERB!

Anyways, I’ve been busy getting ready for hols and need to get this months birthstone and birthflower post uploaded as it’s nearly the end of July already (time is flying).

So today’s post is of course all about the Ruby and the beautiful Delphiniums as seen on my insta https://www.instagram.com/everafterbynlt/ and aren’t they stunning… ✨ This post though will be a little bit more detailed for all your July born brides and grooms or just for the July brides who want to add a little bit of their wedding month into their big day.


Delphiniums (Larkspur)

Julys birth-flower is referred to as Delphinium on some websites and on others as Larkspur 🤔 I’m no florist but they look super similar, so for the sake of common ground I will refer to this particular plant as Delphinium or Delph for short…

The meaning of the birth-flower is an open heart, which is quite lovely if considering having it in your wedding day. As you can see this flower comes in a variety of colours, similar with June’s birth flower the rose, Delphs too have corresponding meanings for their colours…

White- Joyful, happy go lucky

Pink- Fondness

Blue- Innocence

Purple- First love


Delphs are members of the buttercup family and are truly stunning as centrepieces as they are quite tall…

My favourite is the classic blue tones-if you need a something blue then look no further than blue delphiniums…


Just like this beautiful blue bouquet, this flower also looks spectacular in floral arrangements mixed with other flowers…

Pretty in pink also…

And also grown in many public gardens, which so happen to be available for wedding services! Just look at this…

Imagine getting married here, so beautiful!😊

So there you have it, Delphiniums – an uncommon flower but definitely a pretty one which I just love!

The Ruby

Julys birthstone is oh so magnificent- it is of course the glorious red ruby, otherwise known as ‘The King of Precious Gemstones’.  The Ruby has been one of the most prized gemstones, even preferred over diamonds.  It is of course, the gem of choice for royalty throughout the ages, receiving a place of honour in royal crowns, insignia’s and jewels.



“The gleaming Ruby should adorn

All those who in July are born,

For thus they’ll be exempt and free,

From lover’s doubts and anxiety.”

The July birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Ruby is associated – devotion, integrity, courage, happiness, vitality, confidence and strength. The Ruby is also used to enhance energy, generosity and to bring prosperity and success.

But above all else, the ruby is strikingly stunning… Just look at this cushion set ruby!


A wonderful engagement ring for you lucky July born ladies… So beautiful!


Rubies are used to create distinctive jewellery, including rings, earrings and necklaces.  Dress in rubies to show off your passionate side…



A symbol of wealth, vitality and love- perfect for your wedding day! Gentlemen can opt for a ruby cuff link to include the gemstone into the days proceedings…

Designers love rubies and all things ruby red too…


But lets face it… these things are lovely to look at…


BUT…they are way out of our budget!

What we can afford to do though, is go all out with a red theme…


Who doesn’t LOVE a ruby red nail colour and lip…💄

I know I do!! 💋


So there we go Julys blog post on birthstones and birthflowers is finally up- Hope you like it!!


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June is full of pearls and roses…


Hi my lovelies,
We are getting closer to Summer as today is the start of June… and I am just counting down the days until my holidays in July ☀️🙋🏻🍉🍹🏖

But before that we have wonderful June… June brings us the start of the summer holidays, long sunny evenings, the smell of flowers, the fresh air, the sound of the ice cream van, heavens trail and not to mention many dreamy June weddings.

In May I became somewhat obsessed with birth flowers and stones on my instagram feed obviously because May brought with it the gorgeous emerald birthstone and the classic Lily of the Valley flowers… Perfect for those getting married in May or for those lucky enough to have been born in May.

But… I’ve been waiting patiently for June to arrive to write all about its birthstone and flower… because let’s face it- they are bridal classics!

First let me set the record straight…

1.  Birthstones are of course a gemstone which represent a persons month of birth


2. Birth-flowers are a flower which represent a persons month of birth

I feature these posts on my blog, instagram and Facebook pages NOT EXCLUSIVELY for those born in that month!

If you are getting married in June…

-and are born in June then it’s a plus for you…


-if you are born in a different month, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the June birth flower into your wedding- of course you can it’s still a flower that represents that month, as well as, symbolising other things (I’ll explain that further below)

TBH- it’s pretty difficult to avoid June’s birthstone and birth flower as they feature a lot in weddings and all things romantic…


The Rose 🌹

There’s a reason why this is a romantic event staple and certainly a very popular wedding flower. Available in a virtual rainbow of colors, the rose pairs well with any other flower and can help create luscious, full wedding centerpieces. It also is a bit sturdier than some blooms, so they do very well in boutonnieres, corsages, and highly-sculptured arrangements. Thought to symbolize love, roses make not just a beautiful statement, but also a meaningful one

All brides should not only think seasonal, cost, colour palette and venue when choosing their wedding blooms, but also sentiment.

What is great about June’s birth flowers is that with every colour comes a different meaning. The rose actually has more meanings than one can count!

A pink rose means perfect happiness, while a red rose means “I love you.”  A white rose signifies innocence and purity, while a yellow rose conveys joy and friendship.

A bouquet of roses means sincere gratitude, whereas a single rose amplifies the meaning of the color.  My favourite is a single red rose which of course means eternal love ❤️

But just look at this one… it’s beautifully unusual…

Masterminded by a subsidiary of a Japanese company in Australia- what was thought impossible became possible.  Of course we have seen blue roses in florists before, but they were stained whereas, these creations have been genetically modified and they make for a spectacular scene perfect for your ‘Something blue’…💙

A blue rose has long been synonymous with the unattainable, from signifying unrequited love in Chinese folklore to its Victorian era connotations of symbolising a quest for something impossible.

I love roses- they are delicate, beautiful and give off the most sensuous aroma.  These ones below are simply a work of art and remind us that nature is everything…

Nostalgie is a rose with a distinctive shape, fragrance and a rare colour combination of creamy-white with cherry-red.   A highly remarkable rose in a unique colour…I think they are visually stunning.


The pearl ✨

Prior to the 1900s and the advent of cultured pearl farming, the only way to get a pearl was to dive for oysters. Not every oyster has a pearl and not every pearl was round…so you can imagine how long it might take and how much it would cost for a perfectly matched or graduated strand of pearls.  Pearls were only available to the royalty or the rich.  They still bring that history of being special and reserved for only the most important occasions…so it’s safe to say that pearls are perfect for weddings.

Pearls have always been highly valued as gemstones, their allure and beauty was magnified by the difficulty in obtaining them in early times.    Unlike many other gemstones which are minerals, pearls are organic and come in many forms and colours.

Whenever we think of pearls, we think of a shining pearl inside an oyster.  However, not all pearls come from pearl oysters that are found in saltwater.  You can also find freshwater pearls that are formed inside certain mussels found in rivers, lakes and other freshwater bodies.

It is very difficult to tell the difference between saltwater and freshwater pearls as they all look the same, but saltwater pearls are much more expensive.  The simple reason being that most of our freshwater pearls are not naturally occurring but cultured.    In saying this, freshwater pearls are more popular because of the wide arrange of colours and shapes available.

Natural freshwater pearls occur in only 3 colours: pink, white and lavender…


Saltwater pearls are classified into three main types: Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls (black pearls) and South Sea pearls. Each of these pearls come in different colours, where the colour depends on the species of pearl oyster that produces the pearl.

Natural saltwater pearls occur in cream, silver, pink, white, dark gray, tan, yellow or golden…

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Some pearls are dyed to give them the desired colours such as green, blue, red etc…


Timelessness- the best thing about pearls! No matter the design or form they are a classic and beautiful…


They truly are a natural beauty of the world…


Wedding Inspo

Not surprising really that Junes birthstone and birth flower are so widely used in weddings today…

Take the rose- it is a symbol of love and all things romantic, it is beauty and grace, it is style and charm and it is clean and classic.  It is a versatile flower which looks great in combination with other flowers, it is resilient which is why its used in button holes, decorations and corsages and its simply a beautiful flower…

Rose Bouquets


Rose Buttonholes/ Corsage


Rose Inspired Cakes


Rose Centerpieces

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Rose- Decorative ideas


Single rose ideas

I absolutely adore a single rose… the ultimate ‘Enchanted Rose’ from Beauty and the Beast springs to mind for many, but there is just something simply beautiful about them.


Rose Petals

Another beautiful idea which is affordable, chic and oh so pretty is using rose petals…there is something so beautifully romantic about rose petal aisles!



Let’s not forget about pearls-timeless, elegance, classic, traditional and gorgeous… A bridal piece which is adored by designers alike.  It is no wonder pearls are used in creating bridal gowns, veils and even shoes and accessories…they are a natural beauty.

Pearl Gowns/ Veils


Pearl Shoes/Accessories


Pearl Decorated Cakes


Pearl Tiaras/Hairpieces


Pearl Rings


Pearls are my favourite and you can see why… they can be used on your wedding invitations, your table numbers, your decorations, you can wear them and they are syre to create that WOW look that we all love…


What a month to get married!!

June is a wonderful month just bursting with inspiration and ideas of all things pretty and romantic…

I simply adore roses and pearls 🙂 🙂


Lots of love,