Oh August and your Gladiolus and Peridot 💚

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How are you all? So I’m back from my holidays and already feeling sad about summer ending.. It’s August already! This year has went sooo fast, don’t ya think?

So true… 👏🏼 I particularly love that saying…I had never thought of it that way before. It’s a good one…

But anyway, it’s August- summer holidays are nearly over and it’s back to the daily grind for most of us butttt I for one am looking forward to the next few months! Not only because I love the dark evenings and all that comes with them- candles, cozy blankets, hot water bottles etc BUT also because I’m being whisked off to Paris for my birthday 👫🥂🛍🍻😁 I literally can’t wait!! If any of you want to hit me up with some recommendations on restaurants, bars, must see places please do get in touch! I’d love to check out some of your recommended places…🤗

But enough of that and onto other beautiful things – It’s August and that means we have a new featured birthstone and birthflower!

Gladiolus and Peridot are Augusts symbol stone and flower as featured on my insta https://www.instagram.com/everafterbynlt/ and they are just stunning- wait to you seeee!



Augusts birth-flower is the beautiful Gladiolus, this bright, showy flower captures the essence of sunny, late summer days perfectly…

The gladiolus represents remembrance, calm, integrity and infatuation.  It is a truly beautiful flower, names aptly to indicate that the heart is being ‘pierced with love’, how fitting is that for a wedding?

The impressive flower spikes of Gladioli come in a wide variety of colours, which again is totally ideal for use as wedding flowers.


Although a relatively inexpensive flower, gladioli are a actually quite a tall flower which means they can be used to create the most prettiest floral arrangements…

Of course, gladiolus go well as can be seen above, with other flowers in the arrangements- But my favourite has to be this…

Gladiolus mixed

How stunning!!

Gladiolus has became quite popular in weddings, especially as ceremony flowers, but also in bridal bouquets…

I’m sure you will agree that they are indeed a beautiful flower…💐


Peridot is the offical birthstone for the month of August.  It is actually also the stone for the zodiac sign of Libra.

Isn’t it stunning?? What girl wouldn’t want a Peridot engagement ring! It is thought to bring the wearer good luck, peace and good fortune.  Its crystal healing powers include health and protection.

The characteristics of Peridot are said to attract love, calm anger while also soothing nerves. It is also said to be Cleopatra’s favourite stone…and we can see why!! It’s beautiful…

Peridot jewellery is actually extremely popular- I wouldn’t be a lover of the colour green, but seeing that glimmering Peridot set on gold tones is just breathtaking. Not to leave the men out below we can see some Peridot cuff-links…

A perfect accessory for your August born husband to be!

Your guests will be green with envy with this stone around…and you can go as subtle or a grand as you like in keeping with the green theme a bit like this…



After all Peridot is a nuance of green…and we know greenery is totally in for next season so it’s a winner!!👏🏼

So there we have it- August the month of the Gladiolus and the precious Peridot!

Stunning- right?

Be sure to tell me what you think…😊

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July brings us Rubies and Delphiniums (Larkspur)…

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How are you all? Enjoying the Summer sun- I know I am! Countdown until hols is well and truly on… 5 more days ☀️🥂✈️🌎🍹 SUPERB!

Anyways, I’ve been busy getting ready for hols and need to get this months birthstone and birthflower post uploaded as it’s nearly the end of July already (time is flying).

So today’s post is of course all about the Ruby and the beautiful Delphiniums as seen on my insta https://www.instagram.com/everafterbynlt/ and aren’t they stunning… ✨ This post though will be a little bit more detailed for all your July born brides and grooms or just for the July brides who want to add a little bit of their wedding month into their big day.


Delphiniums (Larkspur)

Julys birth-flower is referred to as Delphinium on some websites and on others as Larkspur 🤔 I’m no florist but they look super similar, so for the sake of common ground I will refer to this particular plant as Delphinium or Delph for short…

The meaning of the birth-flower is an open heart, which is quite lovely if considering having it in your wedding day. As you can see this flower comes in a variety of colours, similar with June’s birth flower the rose, Delphs too have corresponding meanings for their colours…

White- Joyful, happy go lucky

Pink- Fondness

Blue- Innocence

Purple- First love


Delphs are members of the buttercup family and are truly stunning as centrepieces as they are quite tall…

My favourite is the classic blue tones-if you need a something blue then look no further than blue delphiniums…


Just like this beautiful blue bouquet, this flower also looks spectacular in floral arrangements mixed with other flowers…

Pretty in pink also…

And also grown in many public gardens, which so happen to be available for wedding services! Just look at this…

Imagine getting married here, so beautiful!😊

So there you have it, Delphiniums – an uncommon flower but definitely a pretty one which I just love!

The Ruby

Julys birthstone is oh so magnificent- it is of course the glorious red ruby, otherwise known as ‘The King of Precious Gemstones’.  The Ruby has been one of the most prized gemstones, even preferred over diamonds.  It is of course, the gem of choice for royalty throughout the ages, receiving a place of honour in royal crowns, insignia’s and jewels.



“The gleaming Ruby should adorn

All those who in July are born,

For thus they’ll be exempt and free,

From lover’s doubts and anxiety.”

The July birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Ruby is associated – devotion, integrity, courage, happiness, vitality, confidence and strength. The Ruby is also used to enhance energy, generosity and to bring prosperity and success.

But above all else, the ruby is strikingly stunning… Just look at this cushion set ruby!


A wonderful engagement ring for you lucky July born ladies… So beautiful!


Rubies are used to create distinctive jewellery, including rings, earrings and necklaces.  Dress in rubies to show off your passionate side…



A symbol of wealth, vitality and love- perfect for your wedding day! Gentlemen can opt for a ruby cuff link to include the gemstone into the days proceedings…

Designers love rubies and all things ruby red too…


But lets face it… these things are lovely to look at…


BUT…they are way out of our budget!

What we can afford to do though, is go all out with a red theme…


Who doesn’t LOVE a ruby red nail colour and lip…💄

I know I do!! 💋


So there we go Julys blog post on birthstones and birthflowers is finally up- Hope you like it!!


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For the modern bride… Carolina Herrera’s Bridal collection Spring 2018

Hi brides to be,

You lot that are getting hitched next year are in luck with an array of stunning silhouettes and designs to WOWW showcased at Bridal Fashion week.  So fear not if you’ve missed the big event and all the deets, because I am going to run through the main upcoming trends and showcase the Spring 2018 Carolina Herrera collection which is fab-u-lous 😍

So what to expect from Spring 2018… don’t wave goodbye to the present on trend shoulder silhouette as it isn’t going anywhere for next season.  In fact, expect to see more of the off the shoulder necklines…

Alyne by Rivini

And expect to see a deep, deep plunging V neck…

Mira Zwillinger

Also, who remembers the bridal blackout a few years ago when Vera Wang introduced some all black wedding dresses into her collection?  Well, this year the black is back in a subtle way…

Reem Acra

You can say hello to the OTT sleeves this season, these statement sleeves really stand out…they are bigger, pouffier and more dramatic than ever before…

Galia Lahav


And, if you aren’t daring enough for the deep, plunging neck line…you can opt for the side cut-outs as they are in next season in a big way.  Whether layered in lace or sheer, these panels really stand out as a big trend…

Sabrina Dahan

Next year is the year for the modern bride, so you can expect to see an increase in bridal seperates and jumpsuits which I absolutely love love loveee… Just look at this jumpsuit- WOWW





By Carolina Herrera- Totally modern, totally minimalist and totally gorgeous…💎







Bridal separates are going to be as big as they were in 2015 and we are firmly in favour due to their versatility, re-usability and affordability…

Elihav Sasson

So there you have it…the 2018 Spring bridal trends! A-MAZING ❤️


Spring 2018 Bridal collection of Carolina Herrera




I’m sure you have all heard of Carolina Herrera, whether it be the fashion House of Herrera, CH Carolina Herrera the fragrance, Men 212 aftershave or even the creator of Bella Swan’s wedding dress from Twilight.  The lady herself is a complete genius and attributes her success to having ‘an eye for beautiful things’- with stores around the world, a reputation for designing beautiful ladies and mens clothing, as well as, bridal collections, fragrances and accessories.  Carolina Herrera’s bridal collections are always on point…



Definitely one of my personal favorites due to her vision…


Carolina Herrera

In the 1980’s, she introduced her fashion collection and in 1987, her first bridal collection and from then on has grown into a huge, big named fashion house selling menswear, ladieswear, bridal wear, eyewear and fragrances.  Not to mention the multiple awards and accolades she has been awarded along the way…




The Spring 2018 collection of Carolina Herrera showcases the upcoming trends and is for the modern bride .  Her latest collection reflects her vision of the bride of today…

Photo courtesy of Vogue

So what is Carolina Herrera’s vision of today’s bride- Her collection is ultimately designed for any bride who wants to be comfortable and feel at ease on their wedding day. Consequently, the collection includes beautiful traditional gowns, chic bridal separates, as well as, the seasons must have bridal jumpsuit. The variety in the collection is obvious to see, there really is something for everyone, from tulle gowns to black accents to various necklines… As with all her collections, the designs have to be romantic…

“For me…The most important day in the life of a woman is her wedding, and it has to be romantic, it has to be feminine, it has to be ethereal, it has to be dreamy—it doesn’t have to be sexy.”

Carolina Herrera

All are un-apologetically romantic and this shines through with the floral detailing and appliques, pussy bows and beautiful lines…




The collection is overall very contemporary and is described as urban chic with romantic hints visible- this is best showcased in the modern jumpsuits and separates with pride of place, feminine, stand out pussy bow detailing…


Herrera who often sticks to traditional bridal pieces, has included subtle black accents into some of the collection…


The black belt breaks traditional wedding rules, it creates a subtle hint of unconventional whilst the butterfly sleeves keep the romantic edge and I think it is truly superb…


Beautiful, edgy, feminine…


Brides wearing this collection from Carolina Herrera will surely stand out!





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