Wine inspired weddings…

Hi my lovelies,



So today is thee day…

Its National Wine day!!!  And that calls for two things…

First things first- Its only right to drink wine on a day like this… so I have got my glass of wine right here 🍷


And you guessed it…

Wine themed weddings are the agenda for today.

Its only fitting after all…;)


For our love of wine…

If you are a lover of wine, enjoy wine tasting and all things wine related a wine themed wedding is totally for you.  Why not incorporate your favorite drink into your big day?

You can of course, go all out over the top with a themed location (think vineyard), themed decor, themed invitations, themed seating chart,  themed everything…


Or… you can opt for something more subtle which you can do with wedding favours-from wine flavoured chocolates to little corkscrew keep sakes…





There are so many options for wine themed weddings- from the favours to cork art to vineyard venues and I just love them all 💁🏻… so of course I waited to National Wine Day to share them all with you.
Wine weddings are the way forward!


Wedding Venue

The ideal location for a wine themed wedding is of course set at a beautiful vineyard. Vineyard weddings are becoming increasingly popular for modern brides and grooms who want to celebrate their special day of union, together with family and friends, whilst sampling the finer things in life. Wine and fine dining come hand in hand, nestled with an enchanting location, hint of sunshine and that truly is a day for everyone to remember.  Definitely my kinda wedding for sure…

Of course when I think vineyard, I think of beautiful landscapes with acres and acres of vineyards at every angle…Really there is nothing more romantic than an Italian vineyard wedding…

Image courtesy of Villa Baroncino

This stunning 5* villa near Tuscany, Italy is the dream wedding destination for wine lovers alike.  Villa Baroncino is an exclusive wedding venue in Italy close to Cortona providing private accommodations centrally located between Florence and Rome, in Umbria close to Tuscany.

“Envisage the delightful Villa Baroncino located in the Tuscan countryside and surrounded by the greenery of the Italian landscapes, the crystal clear pool and the magnificent garden. Image your guests chatting during the cocktail hour served around the pool area and enjoying the cold cocktail drinks and the delicious finger food…Picture yourself while you declare your love for each other amongst the vines and surrounded by your closest family and friends. Imagine yourself as a newly married couple walking side by side along the rows of grape vines, while photos are taken in the magnificent and lush villa garden…”

Sounds delightful… right?

If a destination wine wedding is something you would be interested in, check out Villa Baroncino- you will not be disappointed.  In fact, they offer multiple wine wedding packages which I’m sure you will love…They are great at selling the week long wedding package, and who wouldn’t want a week long wedding with lots of wine, I know I would!

Just follow this link


If from the  UK, you need not travel far to create the same vineyard wedding in essence.  There are plenty of stunning vineyard venues right on your doorstep…



If a vineyard wedding is not for you, but you like the concept of wine themed weddings you can opt for one of the finest wine hotels to hold your wedding.   There is one stand out hotel I can think of which is exactly that… A 5* wine hotel 🙂 🙂

They literally…

“Eat.  Sleep.  And Drink Wine” 

It is of course, The Vineyard…  The Vineyard is a 5 star hotel and spa, renowned for its impeccable service, 3 AA Rosette restaurant and award winning 30,000 bottle wine cellar.  The Vineyard hotel is located in Stockcross, just off the borders of Newbury, Berkshire.

They make you feel special every time you visit, no matter the occasion.  Weddings are particularly special here as they are catered for you, and your every need.


Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a wine novice or simply love a fine wine with your dinner, the Vineyard hotel is the perfect destination for you.

Wedding Decor

You can go as big or as small as you want with your wedding decor, no matter what the theme.  Wine weddings allow you to go big, without going tacky- how can champagne be tacky after all?

Wine bottles are a versatile object which you can dress up and design any way you like… also very affordable for the DIY people out there…



You can visit your local off license/ recycle unit and ask if you can have a few cases of the bottles- I’m sure they would happily part with them…

Add beads, lace and other materials to create a pretty neat look which guests will love…








You can hang them on string and place some pretty flowers inside to create a wow look…














Or you can simply place some dinner candles in them to create that beautifully romatic look…






Not only do wine bottles make fantastic decorations- You can also create bigger decorative displays by simply adding some wine barrels, flowers, crates and other lovely things (candles, sparkly things etc) into one big feature on your wedding day…





Asides from the bottles, cork screws can also create stunning visual displays…


How original is this?  I totally love cork screws, I even collect them… Yes I am a crazy cork screw collector…

But they really do make eye catching displays- again very DIY! 🙂


Cork screw art is a thing… and I truly adore it! Super quirky and cool… Say goodbye to the light up letters and hello to the cork screws for your wine inspired wedding…



You can even use them as your table numbers…



“Here’s to the corkscrew, a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship and the gate of pleasant folly.” WEB Frenchz


Can we just appreciate this seating chart?  WOW WOW WOW!!!! 👌  Such a visually stunning seating chart which is so unique, creative and beautiful!


And these lovely little name cards for the reception tables with the corkscrew detailing…Adorable!
But just look at these wedding invitations, intricately crafted for the wow affect!  I just love the calligraphy and the wine circles…   Intricate simplicity at its finest 💕

Wedding Favours

The most obvious wine inspired wedding favour is of course wine itself, like the little mini bottles you can pick up.  Yes, some of them can be pricey especially if you opt for the finer things in life like little minis of prosecco or champagne, but you can opt for a variety of mini’s online with personalised wedding labels which is a cute idea…


Or to save funds- you can go for a little empty bottle and personalise it with personal touches, such as a pic of the newlyweds in it with some sugared almonds and other nice things… The sentimental touch if you like.

What goes hand in hand with wine? Food of course…

Totally in love with the wine inspired edible favours… From champagne and strawberry infused lollies to rose flavoured chocolate, to the little cute bags of grapes, to the prosecco gummies… I love them all!


Wedding Cake

Its only fitting if you are opting for a wine inspired wedding to go for a champagne flavoured cream with your sponge cake or something similar.   BUTTT… with wine you gotta have cheese.  Yes, I totally mean a huge cheese wheel cake…                                              92b04a25a12040dde8dfcc4cfa6e24d9



Like how fab is this????

I would so rather have a cheese cake than a normal wedding cake…  Look at the detail- I love the little mice 🧀

Of course, a cheese cake isn’t for everyone and I appreciate that…but for those who want a more subtle approach at the evening buffet or the drinks receptions you could provide a cheeseboard for your guests to enjoy instead of the usual tea/coffee shortcake…


And of course, the cheesy classic quote makes it! 😉

Wedding Guestbook

Wine inspired guestbooks are a subtle way of adding your theme into your mementos…again there are many options.   The most popular one is signing a magnum bottle for the newlyweds which they will open on a certain wedding anniversary but there are others which are much more unique.    I particularly love the cork screw options, so very creative especially the message in a bottle option…

Super sweet…best of all is they make great decorations in your home 🙂

Wine inspired

There are countless ways in which you can incorporate your wine theme into your wedding day… and I have collected some others just for you…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Oh and remember…




Hope you have a fab National Wine Day today, tomorrow…and the next and next and next…. Cos isn’t every day national wine day 😉


Much love,

NLT xx


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