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Hi my lovelies,

So while I have been busy setting up my social media pages..I have found myself having a browse at other blogs and of course, on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest- so things are going well! So far I have set up most of the social media accounts, I just haven’t tackled Facebook as of yet but it will be soon…:)

Anyway, while I was having a look at other blogs I came across quite a lot of positive, inspired comments from some lovely people.  I did also come across a lot of negative, angry comments and feedback from what I can only describe as ‘angry, bitter, jealous individuals’ (Trolls lol)…

Was I surprised?   Not really tbh…  That is social media after all! While it has its good things, it also has its bad.

What I do want to make clear is that there are people who are going to enjoy my work, and of course there are people who won’t.  The point is…’You can’t please everyone!’


Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes…Ever After by NLT, it is hoped, is going to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone and anyone who has an interest in ‘All things wedding’-from dating to the proposal to the big day and to a happy life ever after.  From the elderly to the young, for men and for ladies, for all the single people to the engaged to the married, for future brides and grooms, brides and brides or grooms and grooms- there will be something for all.

Is it going to be to everyone’s taste?

No, absolutely not!  That’s simply impossible… Ever After by NLT  is to my personal taste and my style! Of course, some of you will have similar tastes and enjoy all of the content on here and I really hope that you do.  However, there are going to be some who aren’t interested and that’s perfectly fine too.  I just want to note thought that it is not my tastes exclusively…When I provide reviews on hotels, or honeymoon destinations, or wedding boutiques etc they could be from close friends and their experiences.

Will I cater for other people’s tastes?

Of course.. I am happy to receive queries from people requesting a post or research regarding  different styles and tastes that are not my own personal ones.  I think this is actually something I would be excited about as exploring, researching and creating something a little different from what I’m normally used to would be I’m totally up for it.

I am also open to receiving reviews from my followers on all things wedding, as well as, their experiences and personal thoughts.  But I will provide a post on this later in the week as I would love for you all to be involved in Ever After by NLT.

th (5)


Particularly love this quote 🙂 🙂 🙂






Soooo… I just really wanted to keep you all up to date with how things are going re-social media sites.  As I mentioned, no facebook yet but my other account handles are below! 😉 Go check them out 🙂


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Twitter- @MissNLT

Instagram- everafterbynlt

Linkedin- Natascha Louise Tang

and as always you can follow me on

So I am going to share with some photos from my social sites, just so you can get an idea of what they are all about.  This way you can see a snippet of ‘My style and my tastes’ from my account on Instagram- EverAfterbyNLT.



everafterbynlt Stunning back detail in this dress 👰🏻 #detailsmatter #pearls #diamonds #bows #weddingdress #backdetailweddingdress #bridestobe #bridesandgrooms #bridesmaids #wedding #weddingblogger #wordpressblog #everafterbynlt

everafterbynlt Love this jewellery as it’s all quite fine bands used..particularly this oval shaped diamond 💎@nataliemariejewellery #love #engagementrings #ovalengagementring #diamondring #ringinspo #ladies #gentlemen #weddingblogger #wordpressblog #everafterbynlt
everafterbynltWedding planning and stressed out?? 😅🍾💁🏻 Prosecco makes everything better #proseccotime #bridestobe #stressoutbrides #everafterbynlt #goodadvice #glassofprosecco #wordpress #wordpressblogger #blogger #weddingblogger
everafterbynlt Asian inspired wedding dress. #asianwedding #asian #chinesedrama #chineseweddingdress #red #wordpressblogger #everafterbynltloves #everafterbynlt #weddingdress #bridestobe #bridesandgrooms #headturner #red #love @t4ng1
everafterbynlt Stunning shoes from Ralph&Russo #ladybirdlove #elegant #everafterbynltloves #dreamweddingshoes #intricatedesign #ralphandrusso #wordpress
everafterbynlt Every little girls dream! 👑#tiara #tiarawedding #weddingday #inserationalquotes #qoutesoftheday #pearls #princess #wordpress #wordpressblogger #love #everafterbynlt

So that’s it for today…but remember….
Love NLT xx

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